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The Difference Between Strength Training and Strength Endurance Training

If you are newer to the fitness landscape, or just want to know which type of training would work best for you, look no further!

First of all, let's define both types of training.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training, in its general sense, is weight training performed heavy enough to warrant 2-5 min. rest periods after completion of about 1-12 reps. It is also important to note that weight lifted is inversely proportional to reps. For instance, if you can dumbbell press 50 pounds in each hand for 12 reps, going heavier than that would almost certainly decrease reps.

What is Strength Endurance Training?

Strength endurance training is weight training that combines short rest intervals of 0-45 sec. and higher reps of about 15-25 together. Strength endurance training may also involve circuit training or supersets, which pair exercises together upon immediate completion of each exercise selected.

Which is Right for You?

In order to pick which style of training is right for you, consider your goals. Almost certainly, selecting strength training will pack on power, strength and size much faster than strength endurance training while eating in a caloric surplus or caloric maintenance. However, if your goal is to improve your running or cycling duration over time, it would make more sense to concurrently train strength endurance. Improving body composition while losing weight may happen while using both methods just as well, assuming calories are adequately accounted for in a weight loss phase.

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