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Warmups Should be Warmups

In the current age of Instagram and social media, contradictory ideas about fitness spread like wildfire. For the most part, what is old is new again, and basic ideas get recycled like a cardboard pizza box.


Some advocate to do cardio fasted first thing in the morning, others say that you should do cardio after you lift weights later in the day.

Some say to drink a protein shake immediately following the workout window, others say that you can wait up to 12-24 hours.

Some say carbs are bad and promote obesity, others bathe in tubs filled with milk and cereal to promote "muscle growth".

These are all arguments that will never prove a winner, no matter the lengths that people in the community go to and no matter how many tears that they shed over their keyboard.

However, I would like to dispel this "newer" idea that warmups are "just as important" as the actual workout itself.

I disagree.

Why? The warmup is the window before the ACTUAL work that primes your body's physiology for the activity ahead. Maybe spend 5-10 minutes on the bike, do some foam rolling, and/or 2-3 activation exercises for 1-2 sets AT MOST. To put the same time and effort that goes into your warmup as your actual workout is NONSENSE, especially if your goal is to be bigger, faster, and stronger.

Once you are finished with those 5-10 minutes, progressively add weights to the specific exercises that you are doing. Bench pressing? No problem, lay down and do the bar x10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, etc...

Now, let me get my foam roller.


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